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first public stew night 

lots of barley and carrots in this one

fighting for the cause

the three stew-ges wearing the chef's hats my boyfriend ordered

Gina bestowing us with gifts

third public stew night


stew art 

canine stew enjoyer

we put like 25 of these up in Bushwick

baby picture! this is the stew when it was only five days old

I pledge allegiance to the stew 

*note: I do not own this image

stew on July 5, 2023

note: I do not own the iconic Barack shirt image

A stew-enjoyer made a custom poster and put it on the Wikipedia article for Print Gocco, a discontinued Japanese home printing system

(Chive Cream Cheese, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Stu, our first guest of honor, received a T-shirt

People sometimes bring their signature spice mixes and they're always, without fail, 100% of the time, very good. Here's Faraz with his special blend

got a chef hat for my cat

one of the most chaotic stews yet. so many ingredients. also, did you know they sell cauldrons on Walmart dot com??

it looks like my boyfriend is going on a month-long vacation but he's just hauling stuff to stew night

my boyfriend and I transported the scalding hot cauldron on this little cart and it strained our relationship

Saraghina Bakery gave us their day-old bread! In the spirit of the holiday, I served it on this 1965 plastic tray that has all the presidents but only up to Johnson. Nobody complimented me on it, probably because it's a crowd that's not into USA as much as StewSA

we were running low on broth for a while until this savior named Susanna came

Three Stew/Stu guests of honor!

look how excited this dog is

me telling News 12 what's in the stew

Denisse and Hajin, two crucial cogs in the stew machine

Modelo has arrived

This is one of our younger stew enjoyers who came all the way from Connecticut! His name tag said "Justin bread!" because he brought bread

he came all the way from Prague! "Just for the stew," he says

photo from the first stew, back when there were only two dozen people or so!